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Artist Profile

Scanned Faye 001

I find the process of painting to be relaxing and transformative taking me to new places and bringing me sheer happiness and peace. Hopefully people who view my art will experience much of the same. I sometimes believe I have begun to see the world around me as it would look on my canvas. Oscar Wilde said, “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did he would cease to be an artist.”

I describe my style as representational impressionism painting primarily landscapes and landmarks. I may begin with an actual place, and then as I progress I paint things as I would like to experience them perhaps by adding a vibrant sunset, rich colors, blooming flowers, or people, and by creating a mood of relaxation and contentment. The Impressionist painters have been my main inspiration, but I also admire the great masters like Leonardo and Michelangelo. I can spend countless hours in a museum especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

My Italian Paintings Series I takes the viewer on a tour “Into Italy”  from the Amalfi coast to Florence and Tuscany, Rome, Venice, and the Italian Riviera. I would like my audience to be participants of my art and not just observers.   With Italian Paintings Series II, I am concentrating on more intimate locations and everyday life of the people.  My nature paintings come from my love of the beautiful world that God created.

I live in Kentucky where I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, and also a former educator of over thirty years. In college I majored in English and art, and after graduation time was spent with my husband and children, and in the classroom with my students. When I retired from teaching, I returned to my first love of art and changed my medium from acrylics and pastels to oils, where I discovered a new world – a world created by me and for everyone who sees and experiences my art. Recently I picked up my acrylics again and have been enjoying creating with them.

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