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Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting


Watching and Waiting


18 x 24″

Oil on Canvas

Claude Monet is one of my favorite artists, and I often browse his paintings paying particular attention to his use of light and color. One day I was drawn to his paintings of cliffs along the Normandy coast, especially his “The Cliff at Dieppe.” Monet’s “Cliff Walk at Pourville”, a depiction of two women standing on a cliff, reminded me of the televised “Poldark” series which takes place in Cornwall, England. The characters are often seen standing on the cliffs and looking out at the sea.

I immediately knew what I wanted to paint, and when I did the colors seemed to easily flow from my brushes and palette knife. Are the figures merely enjoying the day and watching the sea, waiting for something, contemplating life, or all of the above?

For Sale: Watching and Waiting Original Oil Painting on Canvas | Etsy

COPYRIGHT: Lois Faye Matthews, All Rights Reserved

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